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Vegas Podcast Jingle – 2023
the medium

Let’s face it – all of us listen to podcasts. Whether it’s comedy, news, sports or true crime, podcasts have become an indispensable medium in recent years. As listener demand increases, so does the appeal for companies to advertise on podcasts. And that in turn leads to the professionalization of the medium. You need an intro, an outro and acoustic separators for commercial breaks.

the podcast

What happens in Vegas is a podcast by German TV reporter Christoph „Icke“ Dommisch and German-American NFL player Jakob Johnson. Every week, the two take a look behind the scenes of the Las Vegas Raiders, analyzing past game days and what’s happening in the NFL. What was missing was an intro – and what would fit better than a slot machine paired with Mexican vibes and good old hip-hop.

The Idea

You pull out your wallet, throw in a few cents, pull the legendary lever. The bell rings, you’ve hit the jackpot. Welcome to Vegas, baby.

Hip Hop

A simple beat, little refinements and a distinctive snare. Nothing should distract from the other elements that play the main role.


From the first note you are in Mexico. An original sample of the street musicians of Mexico City. Halved in speed, cut here and there.



But what happens in my studio, you can know for sure. Here we go with a little nerd knowledge for all the Logic Pro, Ableton & Cubase users among you.

Produced with

Logic Pro X
XFER Serum
reFX Nexus

Mastered with

Diamond Color EQ
Cytomic The Glue
iZotope Ozone

Samples from

Oliver Power Tools
Capsun Audio


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