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Eisbachfit – 2023

Eisbachfit is a real workout institution in Munich. For over 7 years, up to 60 participants have been training daily at one of the most beautiful locations in the city, directly at the Eisbach wave. What began on a small meadow in the English Garden has long since become more than just an outdoor workout.

It is a community. The strongest community in the city. And this community needs a website. With information about the training, booking tool, merchandise, newsletter registration, introduction of the coaches and much more. Above it all is the legendary logo, which is not changed, but refreshed.


Never change a system that works. Or an established logo. People know it and love it. Striking typography flanked by the waves of the Eisbach. And sometimes it’s the small changes that make big things happen. Welcome to 2023, dear Eisbachfit logo.


The colors remain unchanged, a clear, strong Eisbachfit green is set off by black, white and various shades of gray. On the website, in the newsletter and all other digital assets.


The Eisbachfit website was the most extensive part of the branding update. Where and when do we train? I want to book quickly and easily. Where do I buy vouchers? Are your shirts also available for purchase? All these questions are answered on the Eisbachfit website.


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